About us


Research Group on Legal Translation

The Research Group on Legal Translation is a group of university teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of legal translation. We seek to provide the field of legal translation with the elements required for it to become a profession in its own right, with the intellectual and technological tools, the degree of autonomy and the social recognition given to visibilized fields. This big goal is divided into two lines of action. On the one hand, we aim to provide legal translators-to-be with the training they need to succeed in the professional arena and, at the same time, to contribute to the social prestige of our profession. On the other hand, we want to work in developing the theoretical and methodological instruments, technological tools, and rules of conduct for us to become a profession.

We would like this Legal Translators’ Website serve as a meeting point for our profession and as a gateway to a virtual community in which we can all as stakeholders participate, share ideas, concerns, knowledge and materials. Ours is a dynamic project, which will continue to move forward as long as we want to contribute and make it grow. To achieve this, this site has been designed with a tool that allows you to be part of the GITRAD community, registering up and participating in the evaluation and exchange of content. If you are interested in the initiative, and want to be part of this community, just sign up.

Welcome to the GITRAD team.

Esther Monzó & Anabel Borja